The Arc de Triomphe
Oct 16, 2001 . Absolute Location: Paris's latitude and longitude is 48¡ 49' N 2¡ 29' E . The Arc de Triomphe is built on the model of ancient Triumphal Arches, .

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What is the latitude and longitude of the capital city of France
Improve. The Arc de Triomphe in Paris is located at 48° 52' 26" north latitude 02° 17' 42" east longitude. First answer by Alcohen2006. Last edit by Alcohen2006.

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Arc de Triomphe - Google Maps Explorer
Arc de Triomphe. Location (address): France, Paris Longitude: 2° 17' 39" Latitude : 48° 52' 26" Date: 2007 July 30, 02:02. Views: 39972. Additional information .